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One Year+ Later....

It has been a little over a year since I have posted an update from the initial attempt -- clearly my blogging skills are not as “on point” as I would want them to be. So many things have happened since then. There has been a lot of good change and we will continue to expand on it.

First, Steve finished that 100 mile I blogged about a little over a year ago, Stanford finished his 100k, and Steve attempted the Jundred again in 2017, only to find himself sidelined after mile 55 due to an ankle injury. (He rolled it and it swelled up to the size of a golf ball.) Thankfully Steve will return to running after he heals, as he stated on social media.

Stanford has been doing some amazing things himself. He took on a monster (literally) for the first time, The Mogollon Monster 100. After reaching mile 94, Stanford surrendered to unbearable pain in his legs, surrendering his own pride in the process. He has no regrets and has an amazing positive attitude about it. He continues to finish Ultras and I do not doubt he will get that 100 mile buckle soon. Big ups to these amazing ultra runners!

We’ve been up to stuff, too. We Run Strong is known for our support of local native runners within our community, and we will continue to do this. However there was always that lingering thought that nagged me, “What MORE can we do for the kids?”. 

So, we took our love for running and incorporated another component that lies hand in hand with it: healthy eating. We Run Strong now funds a FoodCorps service member to provide nutrition education to Moencopi Day School, our local Hopi elementary school. Along with that, we received a grant that allows us to extend that education beyond the classroom and into the homes with the Take & Make Healthy Food Pack Project. This project involves distributing healthy ingredients and a recipe to every single student at Moencopi Day School, to take home and prepare with their families twice a month. The recipes also include Hopi language vocabulary to address the constant language sustainability and awareness efforts. This pilot project began in August of 2017 and will end in December of 2017. We Run Strong will assess the impact amongst students, their families, and school staff. 

We have done our best to incorporate the use of healthy, local, and traditional ingredients into these packs in an effort to promote trying new and healthy foods at home, as well as emphasizing the importance of using local and traditionally grown foods. We are happy to report that we get plenty of thank you notes, and the response has been extremely heartwarming. The most amazing thing about this project is that not a single student at the school is left out, and each receives a pack to take home. We have to give a shout out to First Nations Development Institute for assisting us with the grant that provides this amazing opportunity. Curtis Cebula our program Food Corps Service Member & Moencopi Day School deserve a shout out for their amazing teamwork

We won’t stop here. We Run Strong will expand and continue to provide more opportunities for our local and neighboring communities. Stay tuned as we have much more to share, very soon!

Yours in Running,



Take & Make healthy recipes in action! From L-R: 1st Grader Mikomi Poleahla prepares her quinoa protien power salad with family. 6th Grader Mica Tsimöga begins prepping her fresh basil for a homemade pesto pizza. Kindergartener Jaycee Hongeva stirs her refreshing 3 bean salad featuring pinto, garbanzo, and kidney beans.