Local Runners, Local Heroes

Please be advised that this is my first blog attempt, therefore I apologize in advance if I come off as a dabbler. It has been 4 years since the idea formulated to start an event that led to where we are today with We Run Strong. So much has happened since the first runner’s forum (Our 5th annual is coming up soon!). Today I write this in attempt to get people to understand a little bit more about who we are about and what exciting developments have been added since the beginning of a new program that has been hugely supported by Moenkopi Developers Corporation (MDC).

In the fall of 2012, I was merely a part-time assistant that was asked to help with identifying individuals who would be willing to assist in being a part of a video that was supposed to relay the message of what MDC was about. The video never delivered that message but sparked the idea of a runner’s forum. I felt our video participants were inspiring when interviewed, and being a running nerd myself I thought it would be so cool for other people to hear what is being shared in these interviews. I proposed a runner’s forum, the proposal was approved, and we held our first one in January 2013.

While there were so many people involved in the first couple years there are a few individuals that I would like to elaborate on today. The first is Steven Ovah, a Hopi from the village of Sichomovi in Northern AZ. I have always had this idea that when we highlight our local runners’ accomplishments, they will have a much greater impact on our community than the big-time professional runners. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally star struck when I can meet a pro runner in person or get overly excited anytime they “heart” my tweet or Instagram post. Heck I dream of one day getting Desiree Linden, Matt Centrowitz, or other Olympians to speak at our forum, but this is a clear example of how unreachable these athletes are.