As you will discover when you read the personal messages in Our Stories, running is deeply connected to Native American culture and many lives have been changed for the better because individuals have found new life paths through running.  Diabetes and obesity are a plague throughout Indian Country and we believe that now is the time for leadership and support to change and improve lives.

The We Run Fund supports individuals, teams, and organizations that focus on “giving back” to the Native community by inspiring others through running. The fund also produces and hosts the Annual 3-Day We Run Symposium & Festival. This unique event is held on the Hopi reservation and focuses on enhancement of running knowledge for runners of all ages, highlighting and sharing the cultural values of Native people through running.

We Run believes that supporting individuals who are taking the initiative to set higher goals for themselves in their running endeavors is critical because they will be motivating and inspiring to other Native runners to follow in their footsteps.

Make your tax deductible donation today to the We Run Fund and be a part of our initiative to support those promoting culture, and health & wellness of our Native people, through running.  The We Run Fund is an entity of Moenkopi Developers Corporation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. When you donate $50 or more, we will send you a free bag!

Askwali, Kwa-kwa  (Thank You)