Running is popular in most cultures but in many Native cultures there is a spiritual meaning that connects people to the activity in a unique way. Running has been part of Hopi life for centuries and it provides many Hopi with a mental and spiritual sanctuary. We Run Strong is dedicated to preserving the tradition of running for Hopi people and encouraging other Native and non Native people to participate in running activities.

Our goal at We Run Strong is to promote these cultural significances amongst each other's tribes. For Hopi, we pride ourselves in making a united effort in preserving our cultural practices, with many involving running. At We Run Strong, we believe that sharing these stories of running and comparing each others beliefs teaches us that we are more culturally connected than we know. We will continue to strive for building healthy and positive relationships amongst one another through running. 

The We Run Strong logo represents the many footprints that you all have made while out running in all directions of the world, the color choices relate to the colors significant to Hopi culture in various ways. 


Many tribal communities host running events throughout the country. We Run Strong hosts various small events throughout the year aiming to provide community wellness within the local residents. If you have a running event you would like for us to promote, please contact us so we can help you in the best way possible. We believe in promoting running events that will benefit tribal communities first and foremost, we want your event to succeed! The best friends are made when you meet out on the trails, we encourage tribes to travel amongst each other for support.


The most exciting story is the evolution, passion, and transformation stories that we hear in relation running. We Run Strong likes to emphasize the idea that all runners are inspirations within their communities, we know there is a story to how you came to love running. If you want to share your story to be posted on our website, feel free to contact us. We believe that those brave enough to share will reach the heart of AT LEAST one person. A picture of yourself is required to go along with your story, again feel free contact us if you are interested.


We understand some are more shy than others, so we would like to take this time to thank you personally for sharing the love of running for us, know that you are an inspiration to someone that is watching you nearby. Askwali/Kwa'kwa!


We Support Hopi High School Cross Country

We like to use five words to describe the Hopi Boys team: Guinness Book of World Records. Look them up, and there they will be. Hopi Boys Cross Country has won a National Record 27 straight State titles with the same coach, Rick Baker. The Hopi girls team fares well themselves racking up 22 state titles with their largest streak being 13. These programs are the pride and joy of Hopi running, giving the younger kids something to work toward as they approach high school. Many are proud to say that they were once a part of the Hopi Cross Country legacy. The beauty of it is that both teams continue to inspire the younger generation. 

Along with Hopi High, We Run Strong pledges to support running youth of the Hopi elementary schools, Hopi runners attending other schools in-state and out, and the remaining Native running community, in the best ways possible. Keep striving.