Local Health

A Healthy Outlook

We Run Strong now funds a FoodCorps service member to provide nutrition education to Moencopi Day School, our local Hopi elementary school.

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Inspirational Stories

Caroline Sekaquaptewa is the first Hopi to complete 3 IronMan competitions. To date she is training for the Boston Marathon, Chicago International Marathon, and the Canyon De Chelly Ultra. She is a proud ambassador of StrongOnes, a sister project of We Run Strong.

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Upcoming Events

Many tribal communities host running events. Run Strong hosts various small events throughout the year aiming to provide community wellness within the local residents.

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We Run Strong aims to motivate and inspire Native people to embrace running as a way of life and also educate Non-natives about the strong cultural significance of running in Native cultures. Running has been an important part of the fabric of our indigenous lives for centuries and we want to share our love of running with people of all backgrounds. You will find connections with runners and running events on Tribal lands on this website as well as at our annual We Run Strong running events. 

We Run Strong is a community development program that is supported and operated 100% by Moenkopi Developers Corporation. Moenkopi Developers Corporation is a 501(c)3 Non-profit and their investment into this program has upheld their mission of providing health and safety services to the resident of the Upper Village of Moenkopi, and surrounding community.